chapels way to Santuario


The road which leads from Piazza to Vicoforte is called Via delle Cappelle del Rosario (The Road of the Chapels): it is a devotional road, one of many sacred roads found in the Piedmont, often named “Sacro Monte”. The idea for this road was born in 1606 with the papal concession, and the first plans began in 1682. However, construction was slow and only took off around 1875. Fourteen chapels were to unite Mondovì, the episcopal see, to the Santuario di Vicoforte (the Pilgrim Church) which was to be the fifteenth chapel. However, not all the chapels were built and today only six remain. On this road you can visit five of these chapels, one in the area of Mondovì and four in the area of Vicoforte. The Via delle Cappelle road underwent redevelopment improvements for the occasion of the papal Jubilee of 2000.


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