Saint Cross Chapel


The Chapel of the Holy Cross is an example of Gothic art which is widespread across Mondovì. The 15th century frescos on the inside have a strong theme: the exaltation of the Holy Cross. In the center of the paintings you can see the Living or Brachial Cross: the hand of the right arm crowns a woman who represents the Catholic Church and the hand of the left arm pierces the head of a woman who represents the Synagogue. The four ribbed vault depicts Christ Pantocrator, the Ascent to Calvary and the Deposition from the Cross. The side walls of the chapel are also painted. The Chapel of the Holy Cross was once owned by the Dominicans and the architect is most likely Antonio Dragone da Monteregale who worked in Mondovì around the middle of the 15th century

The chapel is inserted in  Città e Cattedrali circuit. It’s possible automatically open door and visit, downloading an App from link :

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