Main Place


Piazza Maggiore is a long and irregularly shaped square in the center of the oldest neighborhood in Mondovì, Piazza. It is situated on two levels, with a row of arcades lining each level and a flight of steps connecting the two levels. You can arrive in Piazza by the funicular and discover its noble buildings and remarkable churches. Exiting the funicular, immediately to your left, you will find the Palazzo dei Bressani. Continuing to your left, under the lower level arcades, you will arrive at the Palazzo del Governatore (the Governor’s building). Situated slightly off the square, after the Governor’s building, is the Duomo di San Donato (Saint Donato Cathedral). At the beginning of the upper level arcades you will immediately come upon the Palazzo di Germagnano and Ceramics Museum. At the end of the upper level arcades you can observe the Palazzo di Città (City’s building) and, finally, the Chiesa di San Francesco Saverio or La Missione (Saint Francis Xavier Church).

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